Sandra Blundetto, senior vice president and general counsel of US RE Companies, and Clarissa Cerda, executive vice president, chief legal officer and secretary of LifeLock, Inc., led an interactive panel with a lot of audience questions and answers about their forward-looking advice and lessons learned from their own experiences of advancing into and interacting with the C-suite. In addition, the two respected general counsel discussed the evolution of the GC role and where it sits in today’s business world.

Cerda stressed transparency with the board and echoed a common theme from today’s Summit: the benefits of setting the tone from the top.

One audience member asked about the most unexpected hurdle or development that the panelists faced in-house that they’ve had to overcome or address, beyond the standard litigation, financial and regulatory issues. Both cited the evolving role of the GC as an unexpected development, from the beginning of their careers until now.