In the legal profession, the mentor-mentee relationship isn’t new. In fact, just the nature of our work marries perfectly with the idea of mentorship, and for years lawyers have recognized its value.

Historically, finding the right mentor was an organic process lawyers would often stumble into: a great professor recognizing the potential in a third-year law student; a senior partner offering coveted opportunities to a junior lawyer; or a seasoned GC choosing and nurturing her successor. Recently, research has shown the true value of mentorship, underscoring the fact that being proactive and finding the right fit can be a key component to an individual’s career success.

A recent Forbes article discusses how people of all professions must find a great mentor. The article says, “Find great mentors through the inspiring people you’re already interacting and working with now. They need to be people to whom you have already demonstrated your potential – who know how you think, act, communicate and contribute.”

In a Huffington Post article, the author wrote about how intertwined entrepreneurship and mentoring are. The author says finding the right mentor is about being specific about what you’re looking for. The author further wrote that great business mentors are “seasoned entrepreneurs with the capacity to vastly expand your network.”

“A great mentor is the Powerball of business. My mentors serve as role models, coaches, and advisors -- copiously yielding invaluable insight. If your network determines your net-worth, then I've hit the Jackpot.”

When looking for that mentor or mentee, do not forget to network and put yourself out there. Networking opportunities — such as those offered during DLA Piper’s Global Women’s Leadership Summit on Sept. 29 and 30 — help professionals interested in career advancement get in front of the appropriate people, and make the right connections.